Microsoft Address Stability Issues After Latest Windows Updates

Latest Windows patch toggles off Spectre protections after Intel warns of reboots.

If you own a Windows PC that seems buggier than usual after the recent round of Spectre patches, you might want to download this latest patch.

If you’ve noticed any unexpected reboots or PC instability as a result of the recent Spectre patches, there’s a solution: Microsoft has issued a patch that rolls back the recent Spectre mitigations.

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New WannaCry Ransomware and How to Protect Yourself

A few hours ago new variants of the WannaCry ransomware started emerging. One of the variants was also stopped today by registering a kill switch domain, the same way the ransomware was stopped on Friday. A second variant is not encrypting infected machines due to an error in programming, but it is spreading. We expect new variants to emerge all week that continue to exploit the vulnerability in SMB that WannaCry has been using. It is critical that Windows users protect themselves immediately against this.

Here is an excellent article with some useful and interesting information.

It is thorough in its recommendations , however as a minimum you should aim for :

  • All windows updates installed and up to date
  • Antivirus software installed, active and virus patterns up to date
  • Extreme caution opening email attachments
  • All data backed up to more than one location, and if an external drive is used, that at least one is kept offline i.e. not connected to the computer system.

If in doubt call us on 01 6991359 or email [email protected]

Source: New WannaCry Ransomware and How to Protect Yourself

Dramatic Increase in Malware, Phishing, and Ransomware emails

The instances of phishing emails that pose as legitimate but ultimately lead to bogus sites has dramatically increased over the last few months.

The links contained in the email will look trustworthy but point to bogus sites. If clicked or opened it will then attempt to send you malware and/or will also attempt to fool you into giving personal information such as bank details, login passwords etc.

If you have any doubt about the validity of an email or its origin, do not open or click on links within these emails.

Every day businesses are being targeted and losing valuable data then being held to ransom due to this criminal activity.

If you require any advise about data security within your business, please call us and we will be happy to appraise your current setup and advise on any steps required to secure your business.

Are we ready for “always-on” listening technologies ?

Should we have any concerns about always on listening technologies ? Hacking and ransomware are both headline items and major issues right now.

So … “how benign is that microphone, then? Given obvious (but always downplayed) security risks, how benign can any listening technology ever be? What is it listening to, and who hears those interactions (Intended or unintended)? How secure are the growing range of mic-activated devices, including children’s toys (Mattel this week announced a children’s version of an Echo-like device), TVs, gaming boxes, home hubs, vehicles and our mobile and computing devices?”…
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Google Publicly Exposes Critical Windows Vulnerability, Putting Pressure On Microsoft To Fix It ASAP

…”The company (Google) made the public disclosure just 10 days after notifying Microsoft of the bug, leaving the Windows maker with little time to patch things up and deploy a fix. Needless to mention, Microsoft was not happy about the disclosure.”

If you are unsure about this vulnerability ensure all your Microsoft updates are installed and update to latest version of Adobe Flash Plugin. Read more below.

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Google Publicly Exposes Critical Windows Vulnerability, Putting Pressure On Microsoft To Fix It ASAP

Microsoft forced to compensate for Windows 10 upgrade

“I had never heard of Windows 10,” Goldstein told the Times. “Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update.”Goldstein turned to Microsoft customer service to resolve her issues, but Microsoft customer service proved unable to help her. So she filed suit against the company, asking for $10,000 (€9,030) in estimated lost compensation, as well as the cost of a new system — a reasonable request.Goldstein won, and Microsoft appealed. But last month, Microsoft dropped the appeal and Goldstein collected the judgment from the company.
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Bart ransomware proves effective without sophisticated encryption

Being careless with your email can prove very expensive.The latest ransomeware emails …have ZIP attachments that contain JavaScript files. These files can be run directly on Windows without the need of additional software and are an increasingly common way to distribute malware.If the rogue JavaScript file is executed, it downloads and runs a malicious program known as RocketLoader that’s designed to download and install additional malware. In this case, RocketLoader installs Bart…

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​For the first time in years, Microsoft Windows will demand more memory

That Windows 7 PC you got back in 2009 is powerful enough to handle Microsoft’s latest operating system — but that could change, because Microsoft is increasing its minimum system requirements.The upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update will need a minimum of 2GB of memory, according to a Microsoft developer page. That was the minimum memory already required for 64-bit versions of the operating system, but Microsoft previously required only 1GB of memory for the 32-bit version.

Source: For the first time in years, Microsoft Windows will demand more memory – CNET